Locations of the historical Australian environmental repair projects



Australia ca.1910 Source: National Library Australia
Australia ca.1910                                                                                                                          Source: National Library Australia


Arranged in geographical order, west to east:

1963 – mining rehabilitation, jarrah forest, south-west Western Australia

1935 – 1937 Whyalla, Iron Knob, South Australia

1936 – Broken Hill regeneration area,  western New South Wales

1961 – Tower Hill, Warrnambool, western Victoria

1896 – Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, south Victoria

1961 – Australian Alps, Mount Kosciuszko, south-east New South Wales

1960s – Bradley Method, Sydney, central coast New South Wales

1980 – Wingham Brush, Taree, upper-central coast, New South Wales

1894 – Susan Island, Grafton, north-coast New South Wales

1935 – Lumley Park, Alstonville, New South Wales, near Queensland border

ca.1790 – Norfolk Island approximately 1400 kilometres east of Brisbane


Map image courtesy of the National Library of Australia


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